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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

3:17 PM
Fianna writes:
acm flyers..
hey guys! I finally finished the xml/xslt for the ACM fliers. thought y'all might want to see them, a preview can be seen here: acm flyer sample. Sorry, but it does not work in ie or safari. I'm using too much css positioning. In general, it doesn't matter if they work in ie, as I'm just gonna convert them to pdf so I can print them. However, it would be nice if we could put them on the website as html. Thoughts on how to fix the css to work in ie and keep the same layout would be appreciated.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The 'Grammar' of Television and Film
The 'Grammar' of Television and Film, for those interested. The guy has a lot of other good books.
Crutcher 7:03 PM

Thursday, July 29, 2004

4:08 PM
aka1 (Trevor) writes:

So the sales rep from yahoo emailed me a link to the merchant solutions manual. It was slow so I posted a temporary mirror here: Trinoc Con soon! We'll be pimpin Kara's Awesome Web Comic of Doom aka SGVY and doing lots and lots of other nerdy stuff. Oh, BTW, this should provide some giggles. Weee! Here we go!
10:22 PM

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Barn_Owl 10:20 AM
Okay maybe rpms aren't evil
Go me! I have successfully built the vnc-server rpm with opengl support and the vnc client 4.0. Only bug is in the naming, redhat update wants to replace it with the older 4.0 beta package. Any way, Crutcher we need to see about rolling Ox over to this VNC server formteh one in current use.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Barn_Owl 12:05 PM
Ugh RPMs are nasty to build
Trevor, Crutcher- One of you two point me towards a good guide on building rpms and .spec files. Trying to produce a vnc-4 rpm with the opengl extension built-in. Can't find a vnc-4 package to adapt so I am mod-ing a vnc-4beta spec file.

Monday, July 12, 2004

>gi|2996010|gb|AF054278.1|AF054278a> Yikes.
Score = 2512 bits (11:35), Expect = 0.05
Length: 50
Identities = 1315/1331 (98%)
Strand = Plus / Plus

Query: 1
Ya know, it's funny how some of the things I worry
Query: 1
||||||||||||| |||||     |||||||||||||   ||||| ||||
Sbjct: 1
Ya know, it'snfunny----- some of the H--ngs Inworr 
Ya know, it's funny how some of the things I worry about now on a daily basis I would almost certainly have dismissed as conspiracy-theory garbage a few years ago. The end is extremely fucking nigh.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

7:49 PM
Fianna writes:
today, one of the guys on staff started writing an instant messenger in java. we played kickball, which went bleh. also played werewolf. i managed to introduce the camp to fluxx last week. =D. and i bought a game called "devil bunny hates the earth". ... We decided that the camp was actually a genetic alogorithm, but im not really sure what the point is. Apparently, being loud is a necessity to playing lan games (in this case battlefield: pirates).. an hour more of this. I suppose I should be working. bleh. anyway, thought I'd send an update. Yesterday, I went to mitsuwa. Which is a japanese market. It was pretty cool. Too much testosterone at this camp. There are only 7 girls(including me) total this session out of 70 some odd people. 3 are on staff, two are 16ish, one is 13, and one is 8. =p. blah... alright, other updates will come when I'm not surrounded by kids... later..

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

My Cherry for Kerry
Joel 10:02 AM
Axis of Evea>

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Inflicting my boredom upon the helpless...
Since I'm bored, and don't feel like tackling any one of the many many things I should be doing today, I thought I'd entertain myself with a quick news roundup.

China takes first step towards protecting human rights by establishing a hotlinea> Were you beaten to death by a prison guard? Did a currupt or lazy official cause an accident that cost you your life? Call 1-800-HLY-SHIT to report this human rights violation. Victim of extortion by a government official? Election sabatuaged? Find Inpector Evil collecting evidance though violence? Our operators are standing by!
I envision a man in a red leotard standing at a window, waiting for the call so he can leap to your rescue. Fighting for your rights, one phone call at a time.

Elsewhere in the world, Argentina's supermodels, well known for their activism and involvement in global politics, are staging the first of what I hope will be many protests. Naturally, it's a naked one.

When old people attack: a decorated WWII vet in NY caused over $9,000 of damage when he spant three days in the library corssing our explitives in library books and replacing them with "God is Enough." Here. His wife is no longer answering the phone, after having lost it with reporters on the phone.

And I don't even know how to handle this one, but um, well, an internet hoax led to poeple flocking to a German hospital where the Messiah was reportedly being breastfed by it's resurrected mother. The story a> is long and wierd, but worth reading.

Oh, and FYI, old coke machines contain freon, and when they catch on fire they produce a gas used as a chemical weapon in World War One. Just so you know. And Australia wants to put graphic pictures on boxes of cigarettes to scare people off of smoking. Apperently they did this in Canada, and there was a 3% drop in smoking.
2:24 PM

Friday, June 25, 2004

Puppy prevents Canadian killing spree.
Puppy prevents Canadian killing spree. 25/06/2004. ABC News Online Police have found 6,000 rounds of ammunition, two rifles, a shotgun, a semi-automatic pistol, a revolver and an air rifle in the man's car, along with a machete and a hunting knife.

He told police that a dog then approached and started playing with him. Police say the encounter melted the man's heart, and he then went in search of police to give himself up.

Ain't the world beautiful?
1:49 PM
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7:24 PM

Thursday, June 24, 2004

- Nathan @ 7:45 PM

Still broken.
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are not necessarily representative of Nathan's opinions.
Have a good time, guys.
- Nathan @ 6:11 PM

Charles and I will be at a rehersal dinner from 7 until sometime shortly after nine. He and I might try and hit the 10pm showing instead.

Have fun, kiddos.
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are not necessarily representative of Nathan's opinions.
Derek: Wow, great map.
If we're talking about the same Rave, then that map is quite a bit off. You want to take 459 to the highway 150 exit and take that towards the galleria; look to your left as you near the new bypass (galleria parkway?) that connects back to the eastbound interstate. If you pass the galleria and/or highway 31, you've gone too far.
5:49 PM
4:48 PM
aka1 (Trevor) writes:

We're going to give the Patton Creek 15 a shot. Our chosen showing will be the 8:00a> so let us know if you can join in.

Let's hope we can take Ashford Circle at sufficient speed to propel us the 1/5th a mile into the wilderness that the theater is.

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